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In February, our event focused on what we can do as individuals and as organizations regarding climate change. We featured Eastern Bank during the event, and they provided an overview of what their organization is doing.  

“Eastern has always been environmentally conscious,” says Tom Dunn, Eastern Bank’s director of general services. “When we’ve undertaken capital projects, we’ve always tried to do them responsibly.” 

Beyond capital projects, Eastern focuses on practical steps they can take at their own facilities and branches. Examples of initiatives Eastern pursues are:

  • Committing $10 Million Dollars to Finance the development of Solar Projects in Massachusetts
  • Participate in the Commonwealth's HEAT Program that provides loans for residential energy efficiency projects
  • Eastern utilizes 100% renewable energy through SRECs
  • Installed Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at their largest facility to invent the use of Electric Vehicles 
  • Circulate over 55% of their customer statements electronically
  • Installing energy efficient LED fixtures and controls
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Aerators for faucets to save water and heating costs
  • Energy efficient refrigerators
  • Green office supplies including 30% of all paper is recycled

Many more projects are underway as Eastern continues to be a leader in sustainable business practices. Well done, Eastern on all your efforts!

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