CCNE Co-Sponsors Event with WISE

August 11, 2016 2:46 PM | Anonymous

Conscious Capitalism Boston recently co-sponsored an event with WISE called Innovation and Impact in Sustainable Fashion, Supply Chains and EcoCouture.

The event was held at the Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge on Monday, August 8th.  From the invite:

From the runway to your local H&M in weeks, we are living in an age of fast fashion. Clothes are made quickly and cheaply in factories around the globe at an unprecedented pace. What are large retailers doing to ensure sustainable sourcing practices, fair labor conditions, and environmental best practices in their supply chain? As investors and as conscious consumers, how can we make informed decisions about the fashion industry?

Speakers included:

Kathryn Hilderbrand, Founder and CEO, Good Clothing Company

Colleen Vien, Sustainability Director, Timberland

James Gifford, Director of Impact, TAU Investment Management

We hope this is the first of many collaborations!


Conscious Capitalism Chapter of Boston is a Chapter in Formation of Conscious Capitalism International.  

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