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Thanks to all of you who supported the April screening of “Beyond Zero” at Salve Regina University. It was great to see approximately 100 people – students, educators, business and community leaders– gathering in discussion and finding new ways of focusing on environmental stewardship. Lisa Milich, Board Member, and Rebecca Collins, President of Collins Construction and Corporate Collaborator, sat on the panel to discuss how the conscious capitalism movement fosters sustainability. 

We hope your organization is thriving and embracing new initiatives. Please let us know of any awards, milestones or questions along the way. Speaking of milestones, happy 26th birthday to corporate collaborator, Boloco! Thanks to their team for supporting us.

Conscious Capitalism Boston members continue to lead by example in making positive change in their communities. Now that spring has arrived, there is an opportunity for outdoor volunteer time. What is your team doing this spring?

As always, we’re here at your service if you have news to share or want to connect with us for further conversation. Wishing you a successful spring ‘growing season’.


Your Conscious Capitalism Boston Board Members



Waltham-based Preserve, designs and produces a range of sustainable consumer items from toothbrushes and razors to dishes and food service flatware. Sales of its compostable take-out containers grew during the pandemic. Now, the company is offering an ownership stake. CEO and Founder Eric Hudson explains an innovative way of spreading the word about its mission of advancing a circular manufacturing economy.

“We love how equity crowdfunding opens Preserve up to one and all to own a piece of, and support, our mission,” he said. “It gives ‘equity’ investing a whole new meaning! Shares are being offered via the StartEngine platform offering up a portion of the company’s ownership equity," Hudson adds.

The offering is scheduled to end in June 2023. The company’s sustainable, stylish, eco-friendly products reuse materials that might otherwise be headed for disposal, redeveloping different types of plastics in new ways. Hudson launched Preserve in 1996, after identifying suitable material streams and recycling technology advances. You may have seen the Gimme 5 collaboration – a partnership to increase collection of #5 plastics for recycling, especially yogurt cups and lids. That program sparked a range of state-level recycle/reuse initiatives, and spread the idea that producers of goods should take responsibility for disposal of their products.

You’ll find the blue Preserve logo at thousands of Whole Foods Markets, Trader Joe’s, Target stores and in colleges and stadiums where food service clients are switching to lighter-weight, lower environmental impact service items. As a BCorp, Preserve is always looking for ways to do more with less raw material, energy, and transport inputs.

"Consumers are paying greater attention to their spending with both environment and sustainability in mind," Hudson adds. Difficulty in recycling takeout containers put a sharper focus on the issue as more people ate from “To Go” restaurant service. And Preserve’s commitment to re-use and diverting items from disposal supports a responsible, cradle-to-cradle model – one reason why it recently achieved ‘Climate Neutral’ certification.

Conscious Companies

Good Business Referrals

All of us support local companies that work to create positive impacts so when you find them, please share via social, email or just a quick text message. We’ll include some favorites in the newsletter even if they’re not Conscious Capitalism members (yet). Not only can we spread the message, we can encourage other companies to be a force for change.

GOOD2GO - Boston (and expanding)

This community-based EV car-sharing startup is bringing the benefits of electric vehicles to locations that need both transportation and economic connections, including Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and other parts of Boston. Founder Susan Buchan said her goals include equity and community gains, launching the venture in 2021 as a non-profit business.

The Good2Go model was developed at Northeastern University where there is a car available on-campus to make EV access easier and cheaper. Using a membership model, people can use the vehicles as a rideshare business start-up or side hustle and just occasional on-demand access to a car instead of a conventional rental.

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Friday May 12th 1-3 pm

Conscious Capitalism online –  “Unlocking Group Potential at Scale” a program with Jon Berghoff, founder of XCHANGE. He details how to design and facilitate group experiences that are truly transformational and create lasting change. 

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The event includes a session with Raj Sisodia, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Conscious Capitalism, author, consultant, and FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business at Babson College. Raj will share his personal experiences that led him to seeking deeper meaning in business from his new book “Awaken”. He is the author of several books on applying purposeful culture to daily business from his career teaching at Bentley University, Babson College and advising global companies such as The Container Store and McDonalds. Click here to save this event to your calendar.

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