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As the seasons change once again, we find ourselves back to work and reconnecting with our professional networks. At Conscious Capitalism Boston, we're dedicated to supporting your journey in understanding and practicing the principles of Conscious Capitalism - Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture. Together, we foster discussions, host public events, provide networking opportunities, and engage in various initiatives that align with our mission. As a local and global organization, we continuously adapt to the evolving landscape of work.

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Conscious Capitalism Boston - Our Journey

Conscious Capitalism Boston was founded in 2017 and established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization operating under the national umbrella. Over the years, we've created dedicated groups for middle-market companies in the Boston area. These groups serve as platforms for sharing best practices, discussing management strategies, and exploring issues related to the stakeholder-focused future of business. Every six weeks, we bring together CEOs/Founders, executives, expert advisors, and frontline workers to delve into topics ranging from diversity and inclusion to sustainability and corporate culture transformation.

We are dedicated to expanding our community by welcoming more companies into the conversation. We aim to actively network and connect with organizations that share our vision of evolving capitalism as a force for good.

Updates from Conscious Capitalism International

Conscious Capitalism International (CCI) has recently undergone leadership changes, with Karen Sammon assuming the role of President in 2023. With the change in leadership, several structural changes have been introduced and implemented to better support the mission and strengthen the impact at the global and local levels. More details to come in a future newsletter.

Conscious Companies

In the world of conscious capitalism, few endeavors exemplify the harmonious blend of profit and purpose quite like Green City Growers. This remarkable urban farming company is dedicated to cultivating sustainable agriculture in the heart of our cities, all while fostering positive social and environmental change. Their mission goes beyond profitability, prioritizing environmental responsibility and food security as core values.

With a team of passionate experts, Green City Growers leads the way in developing innovative urban farming solutions. They utilize cutting-edge techniques to create and maintain urban gardens, rooftop farms, and community spaces that yield fresh, locally grown produce. In doing so, they not only provide access to healthy food but also empower communities and reduce the carbon footprint of our cities.

Green City Growers firmly believes that conscious capitalism can be a driving force for positive transformation. Their projects not only grow food but also cultivate a sense of community and sustainability. Whether it's a rooftop garden on a skyscraper or a lush oasis in the heart of the city, Green City Growers is committed to reimagining urban spaces and promoting a greener, healthier future.

Join Green City Growers in their mission to bring conscious capitalism to the forefront of urban agriculture. Visit their website at to learn more about their projects, services, and opportunities for involvement in the urban farming movement. Together, they are shaping a more sustainable and compassionate future for cities and the planet.


CCI Summit in Austin TX

This week CCI is gathering leaders from all over the globe at their annual summit. Through an intentionally designed and facilitated experience, attendees learn and grow alongside one another by engaging in several opportunities for collaborative learning, purposeful connection, and deliberate planning for the future of conscious business. Our very own Corporate Collaborator Member, Rebecca Collins from Collins Construction is in attendance and we look forward to sharing  more about what she has learned and experienced from expert speakers and other conscious leaders around the globe!


During our next networking event, on November 15th 2023, Conscious Capitalism Boston will be hosting a true expert in leadership, Dr. Donna Hicks. Her contributions have spanned various global conflict zones, and she has been an integral part of unofficial diplomatic efforts, notably in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, among others. Dr. Hicks is also the Vice President of Ara Pacis, an Italian non-governmental organization, actively involved in dignity restoration projects. She has shared her wisdom with students at prestigious universities and conducted impactful training sessions worldwide, emphasizing the role of dignity in conflict resolution and leadership. As a respected author, her books "Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict" and "Leading with Dignity: How to Create a Culture That Brings Out the Best in People" has created lasting impact in the minds and hearts of leaders across the globe. We are privileged to have Dr. Donna Hicks guide us through this event.

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