Greetings Conscious Capitalists,

As we close 2023 and embrace the holiday season and winter months, its nice to take a moment to reflect upon the year and all the new and existing community connections we have made through inspiring conversations, participating in CEO and peer groups, and planning and attending virtual and in-person events. Our events this year focused on topics ranging from cultural appreciation, mindfulness tools for conscious leaders, environmental sustainability, cultivating higher purpose, and leading with dignity in times of volatility and uncertainty. We also gathered in appreciation of our members at Harpoon Brewery recently. It has been a year of unwavering commitment to Conscious Capitalism and we are delighted to continue the movement forward into 2024.

In this newsletter, you will find a spotlight on Granite City Electric Supply Company. Their dedication to conscious capitalism is vividly reflected in their noteworthy contributions. Dive into the details of their journey and the positive impact they continue to make within our community.

You will also hear from Corporate Collaborator Member, Becca Collins from Collins Construction. She will offer her unique perspective on  CCI's CEO Summit that she attended in the fall. 

Finally closing out this edition, we hear from Bob Scoville, our current President, who will take a moment to personally reflect on this year sharing his insights and the anticipated changes for 2024 including the announcement of an enhanced partnership with CCI and a new incoming President for our Boston Chapter, Lisa Milich.

All of us at Conscious Capitalism Boston are so very grateful for your participation in this journey. Here's to a season filled with reflection, connection, and purpose.


Your Conscious Capitalism Boston Board Members


Conscious Capitalism Inc - Unlocking a More Conscious World - From the 2023 CEO Summit

In the opening keynote of the Conscious Capitalism International 2023 CEO Summit, Lynne Twist, Founder of the Soul of Money Institute and Co-Founder of Pachamama Alliance, offers a compelling challenge to the notion that some of the biggest crises humanity faces today are happening to us. Through moving storytelling, interwoven with visionary insights from Buckminster Fuller and Indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest’s Sacred Headwaters, Lynne advocates that these crises present the opportunity to reimagine our understanding of the world and shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance where there is enough for everyone.

Delivered in a way that will resonate equally with longtime Conscious Leaders and students contemplating the future of the world in which they will live, Lynne encourages each of us to stand in the future and bring vision into the present by playing our role in the evolution of humanity, and, together, unlock a more conscious world. 

To set the scene for a world on the precipice of its next phase of evolution, Lynne provides a prediction, two prophecies, and a metaphor. 

A note from one of our Boston CEO attendees:

"This fall I was feeling like my cup of optimism was a little empty and was going back and forth about whether the CCI CEO Summit was something I should pull the trigger on. Coming off a summer of obligations and over commitments, I was afraid to be away from the office for another week. However, I made the decision that I needed this for myself -- not for my family, my business or my community, but solely for me. I know first hand that when I am rejuvenated and optimistic all my personal stakeholders prosper. This years summit brought new ideas and perspectives along with connections, opportunities and possibilities. 

We celebrated the 15th year of the CCI CEO Summit with this being my second time attending. As part of the celebration there was a focus on a goal to amplify CCI, leading to a systemic change in the business world through setting a goal of 1M Conscious Capitalism Leaders globally. We had the opportunity to listen to Lynne Twist talk about the role the female spirit will have in the transformation of business, heard a panel discussion on artificial intelligence and the benefits of supercomputing, and heard from Bill Ury about the power of social anthropology in negotiations.

The last two years this event has left me with a cup overfilled with gratitude and it gave me the opportunity to focus on what’s important to continue my growth as a conscious leader. It also gave me the ability to extend my reach of resources past our region into a global community of some extremely powerful thought leaders in the Conscious Capitalism community.

- Becca Collins, President

Collins Construction Co., Inc. | Certified WBE MA/RI NWBOC

Watch last month's online event: Leading with Dignity in Times of Volatility and Uncertainty

Conscious Companies

As a beacon of conscious capitalism in the electrical industry, Granite City Electric Supply Company stands out for its commitment to both profit and purpose. With a focus on sustainable practices and community impact, this trailblazing company has been illuminating a path toward conscious and responsible energy solutions for over 100 years!

Granite City Electric is not just a supplier; it's a steward of conscious capitalism principles. Their dedication to environmental sustainability is reflected in their product offerings and operational practices. From energy-efficient lighting solutions to cutting-edge technologies, Granite City Electric is at the forefront of delivering products that contribute to a greener and more (Keep reading...)

CCB's Current and Future President


Bob Scoville Lisa Milich

President and Head Coach Founder and Chief Impact Officer

Performance Talks Inc. Beyond Change

2023: A Year of Growth and Purpose

Conscious Capitalism Boston has had another busy year. We shared programs focused on leadership, culture highlighted by Raj Sisodia’s personal and impactful presentation, “Rethinking the Way You Lead” at our CEO event. Our CEO and Exec peer groups continued to provide valuable support to our corporate partners. We worked through some governance issues including creating a new agreement with Conscious Capitalism Inc that will foster more mutual value in our relationship. We continued to develop our internal team to manage the various roles and responsibilities of running the chapter. As Kelly Chewning left our board, one of our volunteers, Julie Hall, stepped up to take on more responsibility finding speakers and she will be supporting us with media engagement in 2024. As with any small organization there’s plenty of willingness to just do what needs to be done which Lisa Milich has exemplified beautifully. She has agreed to step up and take on the role of Chapter President starting Jan 1. I will remain on the board and turn my focus toward growing our community along with the support of new volunteer, Kate Kennedy. Please reach out to us if you want to get more involved in the chapter as a partner, volunteer or board member.

We are excited about our plan for 2024. Our theme is Convening for Healthier Organizations. We are moving beyond just growing our community to supporting our corporate partners to use “business as a force for good”. We’ll be working with our corporate partners and our community to see how business has an impact on health not just through wellness programs or health benefits but also how their leadership, their culture and their environment foster health for their employees and in their communities. Our programs will reflect this focus and you’ll also notice that we’re intentionally inviting new “levers” of change into our community in addition to business leaders. We believe that if we can positively engage these communities that influence (media, educators, investors, and consultants) how business is conducted we can support the ongoing shift to healthier ways of doing business.

- Bob Scoville
Conscious Capitalism Boston, President

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