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OCTOBER 2022 newsletter


It’s a good time to update calendars as we fall back, bundle up and otherwise mark the spooky Halloween season. One treat we have in store is a November 2 Event that continues the conversation about the circular economy that began with September’s “Beyond Zero” film discussion. 

There’s been more interest than ever in stakeholder and partner input, so we also invite you to check out a new award program that actually involves input from your business ecosystem – the ones who know you best – and not from judges you’ve never met. Click below to learn about the Stakeholder Score Assessment. But please act quickly, as the brief application is due by the end of October.

We hope you’ll share a good experience or Conscious Company example that we can circulate as a local business to support. Let us know why you’ve nominated them and suggest a feature in an upcoming newsletter. Thanks for all you do to support the cause.

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November 2 Noon EST - Join a Zoom discussion of the four Conscious Capitalism tenets and their real-world applications at the global carpet manufacturer, Interface. Many were detailed in the film “Beyond Zero” but don’t worry if you haven’t seen it. We’ll review video clips and explore how sustainability and enhancing natural resources– rather than extracting them – can be a winning business strategy. 


November 16 - Keep this evening open on your calendar to meet at Harpoon Brewery in South Boston’s waterfront and share the 4th Annual Member Appreciation Social. Actual in-person conversation, eating and drinking at this free event lets you meet others from the Conscious Capitalism community and enjoy the latest beers and ciders from employee-owned Harpoon.


All of us support local companies that are trying to have a positive impact, so when you find them, please let us know via social, email or just a quick text message. We’ll include some favorites in the newsletter, even if they’re not Conscious Capitalism members (yet). Not only can we spread the message, we can encourage other companies to be a force for change. 

Common Good Co - Waltham

Here’s a co-working space in Waltham on Moody Street that is taking a long view. Common Good Co. offers coffee and pastry in the front of its store, comfy chairs for tapping away at work or conversation. But there’s a secret in back! Behind a locked door, office options space range from part-time to permanent, secured 24/7 access for office and meetings. Its mission is to ‘fuel the hustle’ but in a supportive and collaborative way.

Co-owner Jace Rasche says the idea is to be a good neighbor – so 5 percent of the income each month is divided among three Waltham non-profit groups, and customers can place a wooden coin in one of three boxes to show which they want to help most. 

CommonGood has a 10-year lease, Rasche says, and plans to be around awhile helping people who don’t want to work at their kitchen table – and nearby fans of coffee or caffeine, whether they drink it for the taste or an energy powerup. He favors local suppliers like Speedwell Coffee of Plymouth, MA and treats from Waltham’s own Tempo Bakery. He may be a transplant to Massachusetts, but he and partners are putting down some serious roots here. It’s a short walk to the MBTA commuter rail station and online at


A new award program is recognizing companies for exceptional work in six different stakeholder and partner areas that affect their daily operations. Created by the team that developed a learning course for “Beyond Zero” sustainability, the inaugural set of entrants for the awards are sure to be an interesting and diverse mix.

After companies apply, (by the end of October), as many as 25 finalists will then be invited to pursue their Stakeholder Score. If they complete that stage, participating companies may be asked to pay a fee to cover training, implementation support and guidance on next steps and receive services to support their mission. These awards have an estimated value of $5,000.

The program covers six areas of stakeholder participation – such as Company Purpose, Helping People Thrive and Collaborative Relationships. Excelling at even one can be a qualifier for this program. More details are online at:

But, in order for all of this to work, the Stakeholders Choice Awards team needs YOUR help to spread the word to all of the companies you know who are doing something remarkable that is consistent with one of the six areas of the Stakeholder Score.  Companies need not be working on all six areas.  To have an opportunity to become an honoree, they just need to be doing something remarkable in at least one area. 

Who do you know that should apply?  

Please forward this email as a way of nominating a company who has something to teach the rest of us about running a socially and environmentally sustainable business.  But do it soon.  Remember, the deadline is the end of the month.



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