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Your friendly, local Boston organization is back to bring more ideas for making daily business a force for change. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll find a few links to events and speakers. Plus, there’s encouraging news from the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM) on rebounding U.S. business confidence. 

Your local group is focused on helping growing companies to apply the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism to help their ventures succeed and their communities to flourish. The NCMM has studied the U.S. middle market economy from The Ohio State University for nearly a decade. Their surveys are finding business executives who see pandemic recovery steadily building, with inflation and fuel price concerns of late 2022 replaced by challenges in hiring, supply chain issues persisting BUT a revenue growth forecast that is outpacing the S&P 500.

The CCB community is a resource to help achieve your personal or corporate objectives and to sharpen your business purpose to help deliver greater impact. We’ll share encouragement, ideas and tools, online and in-person. You’re invited to join corporate members, CEOs and operating executives, to meet in confidential, roundtable sessions to discuss the issues that matter to you. 

Please reach out to local board members or individuals with any questions or ideas for programs and issues. We are always looking for new speakers and topics to explore.


Your CCB Board


Mindfulness Tools for Conscious Leaders

March 1st at 1 pm ET

Join this discussion with two expert advisors on the ways to avoid burnout or “compassion fatigue” with conscious leadership. We’ll explore ways that employers are taking a new direction in creating support for their workers and top managers are embracing mindfulness practices to both help themselves and their teams to focus on retention, promotion, well-being and a resource for positive change.

March 3rd - Employee Appreciation Day

Add it to your calendars and let's show our sincere acknowledgement to all of the people who support our vision and make things happen! 

January Event

If you missed the Jan 25th Zoom discussion on Cultural Appreciation At Work, you can catch the video HERE. We learned a lot talking with Dr. Kiera Penpeci and Bria Gambrell about some ways that workplace changes – especially remote teams and hiring are affecting the ways your workers engage with each other. Trust, open communication and friendships all take time to build and, often, rely on in-person cues and a bit of workplace pressure – things that may have been scaled back through the pandemic. 

We look forward to diving deeper into these topics and hope you’ll share any tips for building strong ties. These are sometimes difficult conversations for leaders to share – tough to measure, requires time and care in learning how frontline workers feel – but they are essential to creating and maintaining a healthy working environment.


Without question, CCB’s vision is lofty: We are fostering a fundamental transformation of capitalism to a healthy balanced way of doing business for all people and the planet.  And, while our vision is aspirational, we are committed to working towards this change. A primary focus for 2023 is building a vibrant community of conscious leaders and workers to model a better way of doing business here in Boston. 

We have a small, but strong, core community of 12 corporate member companies. These CEOs and executives engage in regular peer group meetings with one another to evolve their leadership and grow conscious business practices in their organizations.  Our chapter is focused this year on growing this group’s numbers, and diversity. From B Corps to community service and sustainability, there is clearly momentum as more leaders realize that there has to be a better way to do business. Be sure to reach out to Bob Scoville directly to learn more about corporate membership.

Programming this year will feature more in-person events to deepen engagement and connection. Speakers and event themes will address real challenges facing conscious companies, leaders and workers. For instance, many leaders and workers are struggling with burnout, so the chapter’s March 1 event topic, Mindfulness Tools for Conscious Leadership, is a perfect example of supporting our community with relevant, timely content.

We’re aligning our 2023 theme, On Purpose, with our parent organization, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. We’ll be purposefully telling the stories of members and other good examples of conscious business to build awareness of what’s possible. Keep an eye out for stories in this newsletter, in the Spotlight on our website and via social feeds.


Another key part of our community that we’ll be building out is the local board of directors and volunteer teams. Your host through pandemic Zoom events and years of selfless contribution to our organization, board member Kelly Chewning, will be moving to San Diego with her husband, Rush. The CCB chapter is incredibly grateful for Kelly’s service and we wish her the best in her exciting new endeavor. So, we’re looking for two new board members to support the Programming and Marketing teams. Please let us know if you’re interested in getting involved as a volunteer or board member.

We’re excited about putting these principles to work. All ideas are welcome on how to build the movement toward conscious business in Boston!


Check your In-Box for a newsletter from Conscious Capitalism with resources for senior executives. “On Purpose” delivers stories from Senior Leader Network experts. Articles focus on purpose and mission with ideas you can deploy from advisors and CEOs. This new email will connect the 22 U.S chapters and participating event speakers.

Middle Market Economy is Going Strong

According to survey data from the National Center for the Middle Market, average revenue growth of over 12 percent this year is expected from companies that responded. These are companies with annual revenues between $10 million and $1 billion, and most CCB members are in the “lower middle market” by this definition. 

NCMM compares the middle market’s double-digit revenue growth projection to about a 4 percent revenue bump expected by S&P 500 companies to indicate ongoing steady strength in the “missing middle” of the U.S. economy. It estimates 60 percent of all U.S. private sector jobs come from the middle market, comprising over 200,000 businesses. These smaller companies tend to over-deliver, reflecting confidence in the local economies where they operate, according to the report.

Services, Retail, Construction and Financial are top performing industries, said MCMM Director Douglas Farren in a webinar detailing the results. Rising interest rates are slowing investment, and hiring is strong – while some larger companies shed staff to cut expenses.

More than 1 in 4 middle market companies need people, Farren said, and many still have trouble filling jobs citing both rising salaries and costs of workforce training.


It’s a new century at Granite City Electric Supply as the company marks the 100th anniversary of its founding. The Quincy-based, regionally networked, company has a full year of celebrations and community outreach planned for 2023.

Among its accomplishments, Granite City is part of the Boston Business Journal Middle Market Leaders – companies that will be recognized at an event in March. Companies will be ranked by their 3-year growth track record and announced in Boston next month.

If your company is celebrating an award or getting noticed, please share the news with marketing/events lead Lisa Milich so we can let others know about it. Email details to info@consciouscapitalismboston.org.

Conscious Companies

Good Business Referrals

All of us support local companies that are trying to have a positive impact. When you find one, please let us know via social, email or just a quick text message. We’ll include some favorites, even if they’re not Conscious Capitalism members (yet). Not only can we spread the message, we’ll encourage companies to be a force for change.

Conscious Capitalism Chapter of Boston is a Chapter in Formation of Conscious Capitalism International.  

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