Changing a company’s culture as it grows is a challenge for any management team, and one that TekDoc Solutions is taking on as part of its larger mission to create a connected community and be recognized for more than the daily work as an IT services provider. 

TekDoc founder Brendon Johnson is putting resources into building deep connections and trust among customers, stakeholders and suppliers. What began as a small IT support business north of Boston is evolving into a corporate partner that helps middle-market companies navigate fast-moving technology and the demands of remote work.

 “As we have grown into supporting these small-and mid-size companies we realized we wanted to emphasize the importance of creating a caring culture both internally and externally,” Johnson says, and that led to a focus on engagement and a shift toward Conscious Capitalism. 

Changes only accelerated with work anywhere and school-at-home during 2020’s pandemic response, and highlighted the social missions of caring for others. TekDoc team members regularly checked in on each other’s wellness, finding ways the tight-knit team could support each other as employees balance work, family, school and other demands. Plus, there were unexpected shifts that clients experienced, from data security to device management.

In some cases, that meant re-evaluating remote services: For one customer it meant a tough decision to limit service calls and, instead, offer a training program that allowed people to troubleshoot basic issues and free up TekDoc resources for bigger, more strategic projects. 

The company worked with Conscious Capitalism consultant Kent Gregoire to rigorously examine daily operations. TekDoc welcomed back an employee who had left the company but wanted to rejoin in a new role. Engaging employees during such a critical time, the TekDoc way, is a work-in-progress, Johnson says, with a mental health walking initiative, and a book club to share readings on social issues. Another goal is finding new ways to create meaningful outcomes, beyond the work outcomes of handling support and service calls.

TekDoc started in 2004 helping people with home networking and technology. It grew thanks to the personal attention that Johnson shared, validation from happy clients and a BBB-accredited rating. An ever-changing set of cybersecurity concerns means there is never a shortage of work.

Johnson says the company has a broader goal to be part of a larger ecosystem of happy clients, fulfilled workforce, connected community and a goal to make business a force for social good. It wasn’t part of the initial plan, he adds, but came from thinking about the bigger picture.

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