Not all companies consider the ‘customer’s customer’ when delivering products and services. American Surgical Company sees the bigger picture by defining its products for surgeons as helping their patients and families – as part of a stakeholder model that embraces a wider vision. 

Located north of Boston, in Salem, MA , the company focuses on innovative single-use medical products sold worldwide, serving doctors, their patients, and their families to support better surgical outcomes. American Surgical Company specializes in products used in neurosurgery and ENT procedures. Its people consider stakeholders as part of a conscious culture, with shared principles and practices that promote success.

President Erik Piasio credits that worldview in helping speed new product innovations such as the world’s most pliable neuropattie, Delicot, and other absorbent single-use items that enhance surgical work. He cites Conscious Capitalism training efforts in helping the company’s resiliency.

“It’s had a transformational impact, especially when the coronavirus pandemic hit,” he said. “Our leadership has been very intent-based and our sales took a hit when elective surgeries were postponed. But we were able to avoid layoffs and ensure that workers had what they needed, and that enabled us to recover more quickly.”

The company shifted resources in 2020 to producing critically needed items, including facemasks and face shields while managing to maintain its ASC Cares efforts to support causes such as the National Brain Tumor Society, YMCA and Goodwill.

Trusted by top hospitals and surgeons for more than 35 years, the company understands the long view. Its products are used every 5 seconds in more than 51 countries with a 97% customer retention rate. 

American Surgical Company has an ambitious goal to help 10 million people by 2029 through its products, philanthropy and partnerships. 

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