Community: Fearless Communications Webinar for Responsible Companies

  • June 26, 2018
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Online

Fearless Communications Webinar for Responsible Companies

Why you need Fearless Communications

Today’s business climate is about so much more than simply producing products and earning a profit. Society is urging corporate America to become part of the solution to some of our greatest challenges like gun control, climate change, hunger, and racism. Businesses are expected to have values and to vocalize them. How can companies put words to their values and actions, while being authentic and keeping their eye on the financial bottom line?

Proper messaging around corporate social missions drives sales. Sales lead to profits. Profits enable businesses to do more good work. It’s a cycle that is building momentum, and not a moment too soon!

In this Fearless Communications webinar, media expert Jackie Herskovitz Russell shares how marketing and communications teams can compose strong messages and convey them to the public in a compelling way that will positively enhance their brand and drive sales.


  • Actionable tips to help companies get to the heart of their message
  • Overcome messaging fears that keep companies from taking a stand or sharing their values
  • An opportunity to address specific issues, ask questions, and get answers to your company’s challenges

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About Jackie Herskovitz Russell

Jackie is the founder and president of Teak Media + Communication, New England’s sole Certified B Corp public relations firm. Founded in 1997, Teak empowers responsible companies and nonprofit organizations to achieve widespread recognition and increase their revenue.

As a former reporter for daily newspapers, Jackie understood the power of the media and wanted to leverage it to help nonprofits and responsible businesses grow and continue their good work. Teak believes in the power of business as a force for good and Jackie is convinced that businesses have both the power, and an obligation, to change the world for the better. By providing communication services that are based in the disciplines of traditional journalism and digital media, Teak helps important businesses grow. The company accepts the promotional responsibilities of companies and organizations whose ethics and values are aligned with the Teak mission.

Along with its B Corp affiliation, Teak Media is a member of the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts, Social Venture Network, Climate Action Business Association, and is a founding member of the Boston Chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

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