Community: Time for Transparency

  • March 12, 2019
  • 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Mercer Boston, 99 High Street Boston MA 02110

This symposium in Boston on March 12th (and a similar event in New York on 14th March) is part of a major 5-year international effort to deal with a troubling “elephant in the room” issue; the lack of trust in financial services. 

We believe our 5-year international project is the first serious attempt to deal with the trust deficit on an international basis, and we are going to attempt to bring together key stakeholders to do it. 

We will be tackling a question of immense importance:

“How can we accelerate the rebuilding of trust

and confidence in financial services?”

Executive Summary

Many people believe that we are in the “last chance saloon” as far as the public’s perception of financial services is concerned.

There is a danger that the drip, drip, drip, of adverse publicity caused by the persistent malpractice, malfeasance and miss-conduct by the minority means that the public at large are getting dangerously close to “the point of no return,” whereby regardless of what we subsequently do the situation may not be salvageable.

If people lose all trust in the sector it may never be possible for us to earn it back again. 

To be blunt, it is mission-critical that we do not sleepwalk into that situation because the long-term consequences to society and the commercial success of the sector would be dire. 

The trust deficit issue is a significant problem for politicians, policymakers, regulators, market participants and the public at large too. 

However, despite the magnitude of the problem, we do not believe there has ever been a concerted international effort involving key stakeholders to attack the problem head on; until now.

The overall purpose of our symposia in Boston (and New York) is to begin to galvanise support for the idea that the finance sector should accelerate the rebuilding of trust and confidence in an intelligently thought-through way i.e. as part of an organised programme of activity involving key stakeholders. 

We do not believe it will be possible to solve the problem in any other way; anything else would be to under-estimate the scale of the challenge and the trouble there will be if we do not solve it.

It's too big, complicated and serious a problem to be able to solve it without bringing the key stakeholders together; and that is exactly what our 5-year international project is designed to do. 

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