January 2021 Newsletter

January 21, 2021 3:33 PM | Kelly Chewning (Administrator)

Hello Conscious Capitalists!

To begin 2021, we’re starting with a broad look at ‘the state of the movement’ – both to update current members, and to introduce Conscious Capitalism to new and prospective executives who’d like more information. Certainly, more attention is being paid to ideas of employee well-being and support; fairer, more equitable opportunities and other elements.

On Jan 27, we’ll hear from the president of Conscious Capitalism Inc., Alexander McCobbin, and CCI board member Curtis Hite about the momentum and building a coalition around a new way to do business that benefits all stakeholders. RSVP today!


Giving sharper focus for events and community has been part of a strategic plan to devote three months to each of the four tenets – Culture, Stakeholder Orientation, Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership.This year, we go a bit deeper. The quarterly events will be scheduled in the first month of each quarter. Then, in the second month, we will hold a ‘practical’ session, providing specific tools, exercises and examples for how companies can move their organizations forward in the journey towards more conscious business. As a reminder, these events will be 1) open to everyone and 2) continuing online/virtually for the foreseeable future.

First Quarter 2021

Reinvention is one theme for the start of a new calendar. In addition to exploring the Conscious Capitalism movement, we also will take a look at Imperative21, a broader examination of capitalism by Just Capital, BFunds and other ‘future of business’ organizations. Their idea is to find ways of making business better for the planet, fairer for redistributing wealth and more caring in terms of work schedules and employee wellness.

Just Capital CEO Martin Whittaker described the need for the RESET Campaign’s launch in September. “The good news is that there’s also a powerful business case for stakeholder leadership. Reimagining capitalism this way is the imperative of the 21st century,” he said.

One analysis shows companies that lead in meeting the needs of all stakeholders have financially outperformed those that lag behind by almost 30% over the past four years, and by double-digit margins throughout the pandemic.


Encouraging interaction among our member companies, and people, is a key part of why we’re here. Many of our members are listed alphabetically on the directory at the Conscious Capitalism website (LINK?) and can be contacted directly and anonymously, with a single click. We hope you’ll reach out to share questions, ideas, advice and experience in our group settings as well as to tap the expertise that each of us can share.

Supporting each other’s objectives defines community. So, a network of shared business connections is why we make the directory available. If your profile needs updating, please contact Kelly Chewning


January 27th at 12 PM EST

The Future of Conscious Capitalism After COVID with CCI CEO Alexander McCobin and CCI Board Member Curtis Hite

February 25th at 2:30 EST

A Brief 'How-To' Become a Conscious Company with American Surgical Company President Erik Piasio and CCB Board Members Bob Scoville and Kelly Chewning


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