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    • December 01, 2020
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM (EST)
    • Zoom (link provided in confirmation email)

    As business leaders, we strive to build inclusive, conscious companies that are connected to our communities. Right now, the world is at an inflection point: consciousness and conversation about structural racism is gaining momentum in the mainstream, and we have the opportunity to turn that into meaningful, organized action.

    While many are initiating and leading productive dialogue within their organizations, we often receive requests for insight, guidance, and practical tools to make a greater impact—within companies and in the broader community. Join Beth Chandler, President and CEO at YW Boston, and Corey Thomas, Chairman and CEO of Rapid7, for a conversation hosted by Conscious Capitalism Boston. These business and cultural leaders will share their experiences on how their organizations have gone—and are going—about diversity, equity, and inclusion work. You’ll hear about their initiatives, challenges, and future hopes, and leave with their best advice and tools to start turning your conversations into actions.

    Event Agenda:

        Welcome ~ 5 minutes

        Speakers ~ 45 minutes

        Question and Answers ~ 15 minutes

        Breakout rooms for networking and discussion ~ 20 minutes

        Closing ~ 5 minutes

    While we love participation at all levels of organizations for the majority of our events, this breakfast is reserved for those in CEO and President roles. Therefore, Conscious Capitalism Boston will confirm your registration upon verification of your role. Thank you for your understanding. 

    About the Presenters

    Beth Chandler, President & CEO of YW Boston

    Beth Chandler joined YW Boston in November 2012, with more than 20 years of experience in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. In August 2018, she was appointed President & CEO. Her breadth of work experience encompasses program development, delivery and evaluation, business development, and operations.

    Prior to working at YW Boston, Beth served as vice president at the Achievement Network, a national non-profit dedicated to helping urban public and charter schools close the achievement gap.

    Beth also held positions at Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation, the largest funding source for civil legal aid programs in the Commonwealth and Neighborworks America, one of the country’s preeminent leaders in affordable housing and community development.

    Beth also worked as a corporate banking associate with Bank of America in corporate banking and began her career as a research and evaluation analyst with the Urban Institute.

    Currently, Beth serves on the Eastern Bank Board of Advisors, The Museum of Fine Arts Board of Advisors, TSNE-MissionWorks Board of Directors, the Women’s Workforce Advisory Council and the Leadership Circle of Hope Central Church.

    A former professional basketball player, Beth received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

    Corey Thomas, Chairman & CEO of Rapid7

    Corey Thomas is the CEO of Rapid7, as well as Chairman of its board of directors. In 2018, he was elected to the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) board of directors and the Massachusetts Cybersecurity Strategy Council. He also serves on the board of directors for LPL Financial, as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, sitting on its audit and health care quality and affordability committees. He previously served on the U.S. Commerce Department's Digital Economy Board of Advisors.

    Corey has extensive experience leading technology companies to the next stage of growth and innovation. Prior to joining Rapid7, Corey was VP of marketing at Parallels, Inc., a virtualization technology company; group project manager of the Microsoft Server and Tools division, steering product planning for Microsoft’s data platform; and a consultant at Deloitte Consulting. Corey received a B.E. in electrical engineering and computer science from Vanderbilt University and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

    • December 17, 2020
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)
    • Virtual event (Zoom link included in confirmation email)

    Immense collective intelligence exists in your organization. What are you doing to tap this intelligence? Training your people on how they can improve as leaders is a start!

    To guide us in this conversation, we have the privilege of hosting Daniel Friedland, MD, CEO of SuperSmartHealth and author of "Leading Well From Within" and Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer of LAZ Parking Michael Harth. Laz Parking is renowned for the engaging culture they've built over the past four decades. They look to continually improve their culture - and they do this through practicing servant leadership and continually investing in the personal and professional growth of leaders. Our event will provide a window of insight into the methodology - integrating Conscious Leadership with Appreciative Inquiry - that Daniel applied with the LAZ Parking Leadership Team - tapping into the knowledge and wisdom of the leadership team that they did not even realize they possessed.

    Join us for the practical and inspiring session!

    About the Presenters

    Daniel Friedland, MD

    Dr. Daniel Friedland, is an expert on the science and practice of high- performance leadership and resiliency and the author of Leading Well from Within: A Neuroscience and Mindfulness-Based Framework for Conscious Leadership.

    He helps leaders and their organizations leverage powerful neuroscience and mindfulness-based skills and practices to better navigate stress, clarify vision and purpose, and create high performing teams and thriving cultures to multiply their positive impact in the world.

    He currently serves as the CEO of SuperSmartHealth, where he provides keynotes, workshops and executive coaching to develop conscious, resilient, high-performing leaders, teams and organizations.

    Michael Harth, Chief Culture Officer & Founder

    Michael is one of the original founders of LAZ Parking, and is responsible for protecting, nurturing, and developing LAZ's unique culture. After graduating with a psychology degree from the University of California at San Diego in 1981, Michael founded Sunset Parking, the West Coast brand of LAZ Parking. He developed Sunset Parking into a leader in the hospitality service industry with more than 175 locations, all defined by his commitment to delivering service with exceptional integrity and professionalism.

    In 2008, Michael joined LAZ Parking as a senior partner after merging Sunset Parking with his childhood best friends, Alan Lazowski and Jeffrey Karp. Michael oversees the company’s human resources department, ensuring that above all, LAZ remains "all about the People". He is a member of the National Parking Association and a founding member of the National Valet Parking Association.

    • January 06, 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM (EST)
    • Virtual event (Zoom link included in confirmation email)

    Empower yourself with mindfulness skills to improve all areas of health and well-being—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social. Build resilience and create stability to lead through times of chaos. Discover how to thrive through change while helping others to flourish along the way. Leave with concrete practices you can implement immediately.


    Cheryl Jones is the Founder of The Mindful Path and former Director of Mindfulness at Aetna where she received the Norman Vincent Peale Award for her work integrating mindfulness into corporate culture. Her background includes undergrad and Master's degrees in Health and Exercise Science. Cheryl is entensively trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and holds a Certificate in Spirituality from the University of Saint Joseph. She was recently voted one of the 12 Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement. Cheryl is the author of Thriving When Your Cosmic Egg is Cracked and Mindful Exercise. A mother of two adult children, she resides in Boston, MA.

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