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    • January 29, 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Impact Hub Boston 50 Milk St., Boston, MA 02109 - Entrance is off Devonshire. Event is on the 20th floor in Lighthouse West. Happy hour to follow at Scholars, 25 School St.

    A Conscious Conversation on Stakeholders: Investors

    Financial capital serves an indispensable role in free-enterprise capitalism. For free-enterprise capitalism to evolve successfully, financial stakeholders must become conscious and reconnect with their higher purpose. – Conscious Capitalism

    In this special roundtable, we examine Conscious Capitalism through the eyes of investors. Providers of capital are evolving, taking a broader look at how the principles of conscious capitalism can help them carry out their fiduciary duties. Different investment strategies are growing in popularity:

    • negative screening to exclude certain industries or companies
    • environmental, social and governance (ESG) approaches to asset allocation, security selection or risk management
    • socially responsible investing (SRI) as an investment strategy
    • impact investing to generate social or environmental impact alongside financial return

    In this conscious conversation, we’ll have intimate discussions with members of the investment community who can speak to trends in conscious investing. We’ve selected leaders for our panel who can speak to different places in the spectrum of investment strategies. Then we’ll shift into small groups to discuss the challenges faced by the attendees. Bring your questions and challenges around conscious investing to share with the group.


    Paul A. Hilton, Partner, Portfolio Manager, Trillium Asset Management

    Paul is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Trillium Asset Management. Prior to joining Trillium in 2011, he was Vice President of Sustainable Investment Business Strategy at Calvert Investments and also previously held senior positions within Calvert’s Equities and Marketing Departments. Paul is former chair of US SIF, former Treasurer of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI), and founder of the Social Investment Research Analysts Network (SIRAN), the first U.S. network of sustainability analysts. A member of CFA Society Boston and a Chartered Financial Analyst, he holds Master’s degrees in Anthropology from New York University and Education from Roberts Wesleyan College. Paul is a frequent speaker on topics related to approaches to SRI/ESG investing and the growing market for products in this space.

    Brett Juliano, Vice President, Client Coverage, MSCI

    For the last six years, Brett has helped global investment firms view ESG (environmental, social, governance issues) as part of an their risk, product, and/or reporting strategies. Brett’s exposure to socially responsible investing (SRI) began in 2008 when he led the transformation of a not-for-profit into a social impact business that continues to provide hundreds of thousands of people with access to safe water in Nepal and India. Brett is scheduled to take the CFA Level III exam this June, holds a BA in Economics, International Relations, and French from Connecticut College, and holds an executive education certificate from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

    Sonia Kowal, Pres­i­dent, Zevin Asset Management

    Sonia has respon­si­bil­ity for cor­po­rate mat­ters, busi­ness prac­tices, and strate­gic plan­ning at Zevin Asset Management. She is also a mem­ber of the firm’s invest­ment com­mit­tee, where she incor­po­rates sus­tain­abil­ity issues into invest­ment deci­sion mak­ing. She over­sees envi­ron­men­tal, social, and gov­er­nance research, proxy vot­ing, and the cor­po­rate engage­ment strate­gies of the firm. She also over­sees the firm’s mar­ket­ing, advi­sor, and client rela­tion­ships. Pre­vi­ously, Sonia headed Eth­i­cal Invest­ment Research Ser­vices’ (EIRIS) U.S. office and was a port­fo­lio man­ager and invest­ment research ana­lyst at Bail­lie Gif­ford in Scot­land, where she had respon­si­bil­ity for invest­ments in Emerg­ing Mar­kets. Sonia holds a BS in Zool­ogy from the Uni­ver­sity of Edin­burgh and an MS in Invest­ment Analy­sis from the Uni­ver­sity of Stir­ling, Scot­land. She is an active mem­ber of US SIF (the Forum for Sus­tain­able and Respon­si­ble Invest­ment) as well as Wom­e­nade Boston, a women’s giv­ing cir­cle ded­i­cated to rais­ing aware­ness and funds for pro­grams that pos­i­tively impact the lives of women and teen girls in the Boston area. She is a board mem­ber of ICCR, the Inter­faith Cen­ter on Cor­po­rate Respon­si­bil­ity, a coali­tion of faith and values-​driven orga­ni­za­tions who view the man­age­ment of their invest­ments as a pow­er­ful cat­a­lyst for social change. She also teaches Ukrain­ian egg art (pysanky) in her spare time.

    About the Conscious Conversations series  Our Conscious Conversations are designed to facilitate peer exchange about a specific aspect of Conscious Capitalism. Each event consists of a short panel discussion, followed by small group discussions to allow participants to share ideas, challenges and solutions. We leave plenty of time to make new connections with other conscious capitalists.

    Who we are  Our mission is to connect, educate and inspire leaders and workers to consciously build businesses that positively impact the world. Members of the Boston chapter of Conscious Capitalism are diverse individuals who recognize the power of capitalism to improve the human condition and create enduring value for all stakeholders. We come from organizations large and small, at different stages of our careers, from CEO to student. We’re bound by our common curiosity about these ideas and the desire to create change in organizations and society.

    This event is brought to you with the special support of ImpactHub Boston.

    • February 08, 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Workbar Cambridge, 45 Prospect St near Central Square, Cambridge, MA

    Conscious Capitalism Studio Series:

    Integrated Reporting for Conscious Capitalists

    It’s hard to tell the story of a conscious company using traditional financial and business reporting. What’s the alternative? The integrated model enables you to connect financial, environmental, social, human and knowledge capitals in a holistic way. Conscious companies use this model to improve performance and attract the right investors, customers and employees. Session includes examples of both public and private reports including Prudential, Clorox and Southwest.

    You'll learn: 

    • Two mega-trends that make integrated reporting inevitable
    • Three basic concepts you’ll need to create your own model
    • How to get started 

    Our Speaker

    Mary Adams, Founder, Smarter-Companies 

    Mary helps companies develop holistic strategies to drive both profits and prosperity. Her expertise is integrated reporting that helps her clients internally, to drive better performance, and externally, to attract investment, customers and employees. Her approach has been developed during a 30-year career in finance, strategy and consulting.

    Her firm, Smarter-Companies works with middle-market companies, has partnerships with consulting firms on five continents and is the founder of the Integrated Reporting U.S. Community in collaboration with the IIRC. Mary is the co-author of Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization. Prior to starting her own consulting firm in 1999, she spent 14 years as a high-risk lender in the U.S. and Latin America at Citicorp and Sanwa Business Credit.

    About the Conscious Capitalism Studio Series:  This is a member-led program series where we learn from the Conscious Capitalists in our midst. The program consists of a 15-minute presentation by a member followed by an open discussion with the attendees. Light dinner and great conversations! New CC Studio applications accepted here

    • March 08, 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Workbar Boston, 711 Atlantic Ave, Boston MA

    Conscious Capitalism Studio Series:

    Accessing Innovative Capital for Training and Leadership Development

    We will share options for businesses to access capital for training in states throughout the nation and across the world. This kind of program is designed to empower organizations by activating and elevating employee’s untapped leadership and productivity capabilities, maximizing performance results and unleashing human potential. Leadership training is inclusive of the restorative leadership model aligned with the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism. 

    In this session, you will learn about:

    • Accessing innovative capital
    • Approaches to restorative leadership training
    • How to achieve national and international reach

    Our Speakers

    Susan Leger Ferraro, Founder / CEO, G3 

    Susan is a serial social entrepreneur and each of her companies has one thing in common: human potential as a core focus. She believes that maximizing human potential is the key to any successful venture, and she has proved this with her consistent track record of success.  To date, G3 has helped its clients access over $44 million worth of innovative capital.

    Deborah Leipziger, Senior Fellow, Lewis Institute

    Deborah is an author, professor, and advisor in the fields of social innovation and sustainability. She advises companies all over the world on social and environmental issues. Ms. Leipziger is a Senior Fellow at the Lewis Institute at Babson College. Born in Brazil, Deborah is author of several leading books in the fields of corporate responsibility and social innovation, including The Corporate Responsibility Code Book. Her books have been translated into Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese. Deborah is working to transform business models and leadership styles to become more inclusive and generative. "

    About the Conscious Capitalism Studio Series:  This is a member-led program series where we learn from the Conscious Capitalists in our midst. The program consists of a 15-minute presentation by a member followed by an open discussion with the attendees. After an hour, the group adjourns to a local establishment for continued conversation and networking. New CC Studio applications accepted here

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