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CCB = Conscious Capitalism Boston event & Community = External Partner event

Conscious Calendar

    • May 10, 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Workbar South Station, 711 Atlantic Ave, Boston MA

    Conscious Capitalism Studio Series:

    Invest in Your Success! 

    Cultivating Qualities of Conscious Leadership 

    Leaders performing at an optimal level are awake, aware, and inspiring. They are resilient, have control of their mind and senses and can see life at a deeper level—thus inspiring their teams to strive for and reach their highest possible level of work. They also do their personal best to serve as positive examples—including by taking care of their physical health, cultivating mental strength and resilience, and operating with principle and purpose. In this session, we will discuss how we can maintain qualities essential to leadership success while fostering team engagement.

    In this session, you will learn ways to:

    ● control emotions and manage stress

    ● enhance focus and concentration

    ● strengthen relationships, connection, and engagement

    Speaker: Tarra Mitchell, IMBA, RYT-500 and author of The Yoga of Leadership, is integrating her distinctive background in business and yoga to contribute to the great conversation around leadership and consciousness. The Yoga of Leadership demonstrates how personal well being is not only principle centric but also a leading indicator of success at work and in life. With an MBA in International Finance and German, her keen ability to connect with people led to an investment career directing billion-dollar fundraising events and developing relationships around the world. Tarra has practiced yoga for over twenty years and has studied extensively with master yoga teachers and private mentors. 

    About the Conscious Capitalism Studio Series:  This is a member-led program series where we learn from the Conscious Capitalists in our midst. The program consists of a 15-minute presentation by a member followed by an open discussion with the attendees. After an hour, the group adjourns to a local establishment for continued conversation and networking. New CC Studio applications accepted here

    • May 31, 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Impact Hub Boston 50 Milk St., Boston, MA 02109 - Entrance is off Devonshire. Event is on the 20th floor in Lighthouse West. Happy hour to follow at Scholars, 25 School St.

    A Conscious Conversation on Stakeholders:
    the Environment

    The environment is the only one of a business’s stakeholders that is silent. Yet, conscious businesses treat the environment as an equal with their other stakeholders. They seek to understand their environmental impacts, to find ways to minimize those impacts and to take advantage of “green” commercial opportunities.

    What businesses have found is that a conscious approach to engaging with the environment can also deepen their relationships with customers, raise the loyalty and morale of their team members, lower the cost of doing business, and build trust within their communities. In other words, the environment can be leveraged to improve engagement with other stakeholders – but only if an organization’s approach to engaging the environment is authentic and has a real impact.

    The Conscious Capitalism Boston chapter will bring together a group of leaders to explore how organizations engage with the environment in ways that have a positive impact on the environment, as well as with other stakeholders.

    Speakers to be announced soon!

    About the Conscious Conversations series  Our Conscious Conversations are designed to facilitate peer exchange about a specific aspect of Conscious Capitalism. Each event consists of a short panel discussion, followed by small group discussions to allow participants to share ideas, challenges and solutions. We leave plenty of time to make new connections with other conscious capitalists.

    Who we are  Our mission is to connect, educate and inspire leaders and workers to consciously build businesses that positively impact the world. Members of the Boston chapter of Conscious Capitalism are diverse individuals who recognize the power of capitalism to improve the human condition and create enduring value for all stakeholders. We come from organizations large and small, at different stages of our careers, from CEO to student. We’re bound by our common curiosity about these ideas and the desire to create change in organizations and society.

    This event is brought to you with the special support of ImpactHub Boston.

Past events

April 24, 2018 Community: Ceres Conference 2018
April 19, 2018 Community: Impact at Work(shop)
April 12, 2018 Community: A Conscious Capitalist's Approach to Corporate Finance
April 12, 2018 CCB Studio: Business with a Human Rights Core
March 28, 2018 CCB: Fearless Communications for Conscious Capitalists
March 28, 2018 Community: Integrated Reporting Boston Luncheon
March 26, 2018 CCB: Conscious Conversation on Stakeholders: Employees
March 09, 2018 Community: MIT Sustainability Summit
March 08, 2018 CCB Studio: Accessing Innovative Capital for Training and Leadership Development
February 21, 2018 CC Community: Boston Sustainability Breakfast
February 09, 2018 Boston Impact Summit by Net Impact
February 08, 2018 CC Studio: How to tell an integrated story to conscious investors and stakeholders
January 29, 2018 A Conscious Conversation on Stakeholders: Investors
January 11, 2018 CC Studio: Unlocking Capital for Conscious Investing
November 30, 2017 Conscious Conversation - Engaging Stakeholders
September 12, 2017 Conscious Conversation - Managing Culture Intentionally
August 09, 2017 The Efficient Impact Frontier
June 22, 2017 Conscious Conversation - Inspiring Leadership
May 09, 2017 Leading With Purpose In The 21st Century
April 18, 2017 Conscious Capitalism Conference
April 13, 2017 Tech Talk Forum - Boston Based Technology that Impacts Conscious Business
April 07, 2017 Babson Social Innovation Summit
March 30, 2017 Blending Capital for Impact
March 21, 2017 A Conscious Conversation - about Purpose
September 21, 2016 Shakti Leadership

Conscious Capitalism Chapter of Boston is a Chapter in Formation of Conscious Capitalism International.  

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